We're riders. We like to ride. Some of us like epics, some like to race, and some, well, they're just crazy. In short, we're kind of like all you out there. If you're anything like us, you've ridden a lot of different designs. If you're anything like us, you haven't been satisfied. We wanted a bike that no one else had, something a bit more custom. We wanted to be in creative control, and be able to modify our products whenever we felt we could make an improvement. We wanted to have those little "good ideas", and know that we make them a best as possible. We want you to enjoy the ride, and that starts right here.

Designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in Denver, CO. Yeah, that's right, Colorado, USA. We use only the highest quality 7000 series Easton aluminum tubing. All of our components and frames are created right here on the front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. We have one of the best real-world testing grounds right in our back yard. Short rides. Epic rides. Technical rides. Steep rides. High altitude rides. Coffee shop rides. With everything from big climbs to big drops, the Rocky Mountains allow us to test our bikes' limits as well as our own. If it'll last here, it'll last on the trails you call home.
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